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Ariel gets fucked by hideous sea-monsters

You have definitely noticed that Little Mermaid is the naughtiest painted girl on TV. The does not care where she goes and how dangerous it might be! This time the sexy busty babe has to pay for being so stupid. When Ariel, hot and juicy, travels through a distant part of the sea she get caught by an ugly octopus. The dirty witch Ursula disguised as a sea-monster takes her chance of fucking every sweet hole the poor babe has. Later the silly mermaid has to tolerate another hideous creature’s cock in her tight pussy! That is disgusting!
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Little Mermaid behaving badly

This shapely young babe with gorgeous hair and perky tits is one of the hottest toon adventurers! Ariel is really hot and naughty, no wonder it is so easy to imagine her doing totally dirty things! Find out every kinky detail of Little Mermaid’s fucking life! Behold her caressing Jasmine in a wild fit of lesbian passion, bonking with her well-hung Prince, seducing an old gentleman and fingering her own hungry pussy! That is totally awesome!
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Naughty mermaid getting dirty fucking experience

Ariel is a little toon trickster who can never stay where she is without looking for arousing adventures. That is why all the wicked-minded porn comics artists have to do is to add some sex in the painted girl’s life to get cockthrilling adult stories! Behold the busty wild babe showing off totally naked under the night sky, walking in her transparent lingerie, giving her Prince a rock-hard boner and playing dirty lesbian games with Jasmine!
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