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Ariel used by horny sailors

Sea is dangerous place! Even if you were born there and seem to know every nook there are always human ships with crews of dirty-minded sailors on them! Today the sea-males caught a very special fish! In fact it was our naughty Little Mermaid Ariel who got into the lustful painted hands of the crew! In a wink the toon girl found herself naked with her lovely legs apart to open her pussy for many violent penetrations. In the end the poor girl is showered in streams of sticky painted cum!
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Dad teaches Ariel a fucking lesson

Do you agree that Ariel is one of the naughtiest kids in the underwater kingdom of Triton? The red-haired painted girl doesn’t give a fuck to Dad’s orders and swims everywhere in search of dirty adventures! Finally the patience of the royal parent snaps and the perverted experienced fucker decided to teach his kinky daughter a good fucking lesson. Behold teen slut tasting the huge throbbing manhood for the first time in her life to prepare it well for her tight innocent pussy!
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Ariel fucked by a giant octopus

This toon shows how naughty little painted girls can be and what is to happen to them is they disobey the orders of their parents! Little Mermaid sets off to explore far sides of the father’s realm paying no attention to the words of Dad that it can be extremely dangerous. As a result the silly chick is spotted by a huge spotted octopus and soon the naughty beauty is tied and fixed by its mighty tentacles. No doubt soon you will behold every love-hole of the little kinkster violently filled with fat octopus arms!
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