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Finally after so many dirty adventures Ariel found her happiness in the disguise of her Prince Charming! Now the slutty girl is having wild fucking fun with the lucky stag on the shore. Little does the poor horny fucker know that this pink tight pussy he stretches with his painted dong had had so many vicious visitors before him! Witty Ariel will never reveal her fucking mystery to her husband and the silly bonker will never learn about Dad and dozens of other sea-creatures inside his lawful twat!

Ariel having sex with her Prince on the shore

Children are so naughty and with all that they grow up very swiftly and go away to find their happiness elsewhere! The same things happened in the underwater kingdom of Triton. His toon daughter found an earthly fucker and departed to fuck her little brains out with him. Watch Ariel and her Prince dirtying on the shore. The chick seems to enjoy the taste of her fiance’s throbbing dong and the dimensions of the tool in her painted almost unused pussy. That is so sweet and arousing!
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